This 9-month feasibility study aimed to investigate the opportunities, challenges and requirements for big data and re-distributed manufacturing in the development of localised and circular models of consumer goods production and consumption.


This aim was fulfilled through undertaking the following objectives:


a) Review and analyse existing local and regional business models to identify and compare examples of circular and re-distributed activity and the associated opportunities, challenges and requirements,


b) Identify and select three local use cases, from within the consumer goods sector, that demonstrate, or have the potential to enable, circular and re-distributed activity,


c) Map, model and analyse the flow of materials, data, revenue and stakeholder interaction for each case to demonstrate the potential opportunities, challenges and requirements for re-distributed manufacture and circular innovation,


d) Use findings to contribute to the RECODE Network roadmap to define areas of future research necessary to move towards a data-driven model of localised and circular production and consumption,


e) Use innovative digital and face-to-face methods to disseminate research progress and findings to a broad audience of stakeholders and communities.


For further information of this feasibility study please email Mariale Moreno

Circular Innovation & Re-distributed Manufacturing (RdM)

Feasibility Study

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