A multi-disciplinary group of six design and manufacturing Master students at Cranfield University conducted an engagement study to support the RECODE Network. The study started in February 2015 lasting three months.


The aim of this engagement study was to develop an initial understanding of the application of big data and re-distributed manufacturing (RdM) model in the consumer goods sector, and a design strategy for engaging a diverse community of stakeholders from both, academia and industry.


The outcomes of this project were a RECODE Network map, a Systems Map and an engagement strategy to understand the application of big data to a RdM model in the consumer good sector:


The RECODE Network Map provides a visual representation in of various network stakeholders and there relationship between them, as well as their interrelationship with a typical supply chain.


The Systems Map aimed to provide an understanding of supply chain entities and the application of big data along the supply chain.


The engagement strategy was developed to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders. The aim was to concisely communicate the concept of RdM and demonstrate the benefits from a variety of different perspectives. Different engagement tools were created including three videos, a literature review, a report and a blog. See links Below.

RECODE Engagement Study

In addition, key findings for future research were also identified. These are: Significant opportunities for the development and application of big data, evolution of roles and relationship along the supply chain, RdM and distributed energy, questions regarding investment, access to skill workers, and the relationship between RdM and the Circular Economy. If you would like to find more about these visit the Redistributed blog.

The RECODE Network is grateful to Andrea Barbesta, Clément Samson, Perpetua Gora, Matt Wright, Rob Armes and Dongxin Xu

that conducted this work. We also thank Daniel Keely from Cisco and Nick Liddell from Dragon Rouge that support the development of this work.