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Launch Event in London!

On 3rd June 2015 the Network in re-distributed manufacturing, big data and consumer goods (RECODE) was launched in an Event held at IDEALondon. The aim of this event was to introduce the network, and to start developing a multi-disciplinary community that will contribute to this EPSRC-ESCRC funded project. The event brought together academics, practitioners, and policy makers, amongst others to discuss the future and vision of re-distributed manufacturing (RdM) and big data in the consumer goods sector.

The event started with an introduction from Dr. Fiona Charnley (See Video) Principal Investigator of the Network. She introduced the core themes of the Network as well as the potential opportunities that it could bring to built the future of UK manufacturing. Then, Daniel Keely (See video), Head of Business Development Manufacturing and Transport at Cisco Systems, presented the role of big data and its potential to aid a more sustainable future. Finally Mark Claydon-Smith (See Video), Head Manufacturing the future theme at the Engineer and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) presented the key priorities of UK research in manufacturing.

The RECODE team also facilitated two group discussions. The first discussion was about key challenges and questions towards RdM and big data in the consumer goods sector. The discussion also focused on which other research opportunities exist between the interface of big data and RdM of consumer goods. In addition, a second discussion was focused on how different product categories such as appliances, footwear, wearable technology, and food and drinks; could be re-distributed and which will be the role of big data to achieve this. Groups came up with different scenarios where challenges and opportunities were also identified. The outputs of these group discussions will inform future research of the Network.

The seminar had about 45 participants form different organisations including Cisco, IBM, Home Product Design, The Manufacturers Organisation, The Royal College of Art, Brunel University, Teeside University, Cranfield University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, EPSRC, and ESRC, amongst others. Participants were very positive about the event as it provided them with an opportunity to be part of the network. During the event, attendees told us (See Video Here) why they were interested in the network, their motivations to be part of it and the importance to fund projects like this one.

Dr. Fiona Charnley Introducing the RECODE network

Dr Mark Clayton-Smith (EPSRC) - Explaining the landscape of UK Mnaufacturing research and other projects that involve the RECODE network

Daniel Keely (Cisco) - Describing how big data could influence and disrupt manufacturing models and create value through better product insight

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