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Welcome to our site! In this website,you will find information related to the RECODE Network. An ESRC and EPSRC research funded project between 2015 and 2017. Grant Number: EP/017567/1

Redistributed Manufacture


Re-distributed Manufacture (RdM) is a term that is used to describe the transformational shift from centralised to decentralised manufacture.

Aiming to encapsulate the rapidly changing geographies, organisational structures, value chains and distribution networks associated with new advances in materials, sciences, engineering, smart and flexible machining and digital and enabling technologies.

Big Data


The application of big data and analytics is providing a new medium for generating knowledge and insights, potentially generating significant improvements in supply-chain management and optimisation of the whole production process.

Consumer Goods


Consumer goods are one of the world’s largest sectors, dominated by organisations that are focused on centralised manufacture and global supply chains. A systems change in this industry could potentially provide value for not only the consumer but organisations as well.

What is the RECODE network?


The EPSRC-ESRC funded Network in Consumer Goods, Big Data and Re-Distributed Manufacturing (RECODE) has been created to develop an active and engaged community to identify, test and evaluate a multi-disciplinary vision and research agenda associated with the application of big data in the transition towards a re-distributed manufacturing model for consumer goods.

What is RdM?

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