SME-Oriented Collaborative Customer Insight Platform for User-driven RdM (SOC-UDRdM) Feasibility Study

This feasibility study was funded as part of the RECODE Sandpit. Watch the video to see their pitch!

The aim of this research is to explore, research and develop a cloud-based collaborative platform that enables SMEs to embrace Re-distributed Manufacturing (RdM) by exploiting and harnessing the insights offered by big customer analytics.


The feasibility study aim was fulfilled through undertaking the following objectives:


a) To explore, survey and understand the challenges and barriers that SMEs are currently facing, as well as their desires and opportunities that can be helped with RdM and big customer analytics.


b) To research how open user data can be acquired, processed, aggregated and exploited so that customer insights, with a predefined focus on comparative study of user experience in this feasibility study, can be obtained with a strong connection to their technological, cultural, societal and geographic elements, which are collectively considered indispensable for RdM.


c) To further engage SMEs with the prototype tool developed and demonstrate how the uncovered customer insights can inspire SMEs for design innovation so that insight-driven personalized products and services can be offered and the latent desires, benefits and hidden difficulties of SMEs towards embracing RdM are further understood.


For further information or to get involved in this feasibility study please email Ying Liu