5th and 6th June 2017

RECODE International Symposium - Future Visions of Manufacturing: Customisation, Redistribution and Technology




















The RECODE International Symposium brought together industrial organisations and research institutions from around the world to share and create future visions for manufacturing focusing on the topics of customisation, re-distribution and technology. The Symposium offered: six parallel sessions, internationally recognised keynote speakers, networking sessions and a symposium dinner.


If you want to know more about the programme, download the Symposium Brochure here.


Speakers' presentations:


Implementation of Digital Manufacturing Strategies - Lina Huertas, Manufacturing Technology Centre


Robotic Disassembly and Autonomous Remanufacturing - Duc Pham, University of Birmingham 


The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Government and Business - Alistar Nolan, OECD


Implementing New Manufacturing Visions - Ben Wang, Georgia Technology University 


Remanufacturing Networks (Re-run) Mohamed Naim, Cardiff University 


Feasibility studies presentations:


RECODE Symposium Introduction - Fiona Charnley, Cranfield University


Digital Manufacturing: The role of Big Data in the Future of Manufacturing - Mohamed Zaki and Professor Philip Shapira, University of Cambridge and University of Manchester


RdM and Circular Innovation - Mariale Moreno, Cranfield University 


Business as Unusual: Designing Products with Consumers in the Loo - Leila Sheldrick, Imperial College London 


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Watch the time-lapse of the Knowlege Wall being built at the Symposium!